Lay down the foundation of your company and manage its activities with the help of this efficient and easy to use piece of software.

  • DoliWamp
  • Version :4.0.4
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :NLTechno

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DoliWamp Description

DoliWamp is an intuitive piece of software that provides users with the possibility to lay down and manage the foundation activity of their companies.

Suitable for foundations and small companies

With the help of this applications, users can manage all types of data from an intuitive, web-based interface that can prove suitable for a variety of users, including foundations and small and medium companies. Freelancers can also benefit from using this utility.

The tool allows users to manage commercial actions, accounts, stocks, contracts, invoices, payments and the like, directly from its main window. Additionally, it includes support for a series of country-specific features and is compatible with European directives.

An easy-to-use program

The software is meant to suit the needs of all kinds of users, including those who do not possess advanced computer skills, who do not know how to install its prerequisites (such as Apache, Mysql, and PHP).

Companies are provided with the option to enable only the modules they need, on a WAMP, MAMP or LAMP server. The tool can deliver both Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities in a single interface.

Multi-user support

The utility provides support for multiple users and allows administrators to set up different permission levels for each of them. It offers the option to leave requests for employees, includes support for generating reports, and can be used to realize surveys.

Administrators can use the program for sending mass emails and can also generate PDF (Portable Document Format) files for all supported element. Moreover, the tool comes with CSV and Excel import and export capabilities.

In conclusion

To conclude, DoliWamp is an easy-to-use, intuitive piece of software that provides users with the possibility to lay the foundation of companies and to manage all type of data associated with them. It features a web-based interface, supports multi-users and reporting, and can also import/export data from CSV and Excel files.

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