Seamlessly download, upload and delete photos, documents and audio files via your FTP server using this simple and straightforward software solution.

  • DoggyFtp
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:FileFriend

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DoggyFtp Description

In the eventuality that you need to transfer large files among multiple users on a network, then one alternative that can help you share it without too much hassle is an FTP server.

DoggyFtp is an application that supports basic FTP features, namely upload, download and delete of the files on your servers.

Includes a rugged and unpolished interface

In addition to large files management, FTP servers enable the transfer of files back and forth. Consequentially, you can share files with your colleagues, for example, and they can send the information you need back on the same server. Since you do not need to manage multiple emails to find and download the data that you need, FTP is also more efficient.

Similar to other software solutions in this category, you are required to enter your credentials to establish a connection before you can use its functions. To be more precise, you need to specify the server, port, username, password and the local path of the directory that you store the files for sharing.

In the lower section of the main window, you can preview the failed operations, so you can know whether you managed to download or upload a certain file even if you are not near the computer.

It lacks advanced and security options

The application is as simple as it gets and does not require advanced technical skills to use properly. Simply enter the required information in the dedicated field, specify the local path and then hit the Connect button. By far the biggest advantage of the tool is that you solely need to upload it once and the file becomes readily available to all users who need it.

Considering that it lacks advanced features that enable you to configure the server – IP filtering, IP binding, admin interface, speed limits, SSL and TLS settings, file transfer compression, so on and so forth – it is safe to assume that the application mainly addresses home users. The aforementioned features along with security tools are typically critical with an FTP server hosted by a large company.

A handy tool for the average home user

All in all, if you are commonly using a FTP server to share files with your friends and you need a simple means to manage them, then perhaps DoggyFtp can lend you a hand.

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