Doctor’s Office 2014

Manage your medical office in various ways by relying on this application that allows you to collaborate with other doctors and provides you with numerous tools.

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Doctor’s Office 2014 Description

Working in the medical field usually involves great responsibility and requires you to have a carefully organized schedule.

Although you can rely on traditional methods or qualified personnel in order to manage your shifts and patients, turning to third-party software might prove to be more convenient, financially speaking. Doctor’s Office 2014 is one of the applications that can help you in the above situation.

Please note that this application requires Windows Installer and .NET Framework to be installed on your computer to run properly.

Advanced organizer tool that comes with an extensive user interface

Installing this program on your computer requires you to have at least medium PC operating skills and a good understanding of certain server-client application concepts. During its setup, you are prompted with various dialogs that allow you to decide whether you need to install the server or the client component.

Doctor’s Office 2014’s layout encompasses an outstanding amount of functions that can help you manage your medical office in an efficient manner. Unfortunately, its interface is partially available in Italian, therefore you might encounter some difficulties while operating some of its components.

Schedule appointments and organize patient information

This application can simplify your work as a doctor or physician by helping you organize your schedule, set appointments and manage patient information. Since it also features a server component, it requires a username and password so that it can store all the information you input into a database.

You can keep track of your patients in a convenient manner since this application allows you to include various details, such as birth date, address, medical history and profession.

Keep track of your warehouse inventory, drugs and prescriptions

Additionally, it is possible to keep track of your warehouse stock by creating new item entries along with relevant details, such as amount, price, product code and barcode. More so, this application also allows you to manage a drug database so that writing prescriptions can be achieved in an easier, more efficient manner.

To wrap it up, Doctor’s Office 2014 is an advanced medical office organizer tool that can simplify your work as a doctor or physician by providing you with a wide variety of useful features. It comes with an outstanding amount of features but, unfortunately, its interface is partially displayed in Italian.

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