Retrieves the DNS records of multiple domains, displaying all the gathered details within a user-friendly GUI that is very easy to work with.

  • DNSDataView
  • Version :1.50
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Nir Sofer

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DNSDataView Description

DNSDataView is a tool that can prove useful to any network administrator, providing a convenient method to query the Domain Name System in order to obtain the DNS records and their corresponding IP addresses and host names.

User-friendly GUI to replace NSLookup

The application works in a similar way to the NSLookup command-line utility, offering users an intuitive interface, which surely seems more appealing to those who are not accustomed to the console. Also, the application can be used for loading or clearing the Windows DNS cache.

Various supported record types

DNSDataView can retrieve data concerning multiple DNS record types, namely NS, MX, A, SOA, CNAME, TEXT, AAAA and SRV. In addition to this, it can be set to display a PTR record for each IP address, which means that it can also perform reverse DNS lookup.

You can enter as many domains as you want and DNSDataView will display data for all. The gathered information is displayed in a structured table that comprises the domain name, alongside the record type, the host name and the corresponding IP address. In case of failure in retrieving data, the application shows you the encountered error codes and detailed explanations about them.

Selected table entries can be easily included in a report and saved to your computer in various formats, namely TXT, CSV, XML or HTML.

A reliable DNS lookup tool

DNSDataView is worth having around to any administrator, enabling them to work in a user-friendly GUI, rather than the console. It retrieves DNS data and enables you to generate reports that can be used for later reference.

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