DNC Precision

Transfer programs and other information between a computer and an automatic numerical control machine with this powerful application.

  • DNC Precision
  • Version :2.8.6 Build 412
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AGG Software

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DNC Precision Description

Nowadays a computer is behind all automated processes, even though it takes heavy-duty, or other kinds of specialized machines to finish the task. For instance, dedicated applications like DNC Precision make it possible to connect to different Numerical Control machines in order to send and receive custom data packets.

Instructions delivered for each machine type

With the main window up, you can start setting up one, or more machines, depending on the given environment. Needless to say that the machine itself needs to be connected to the target computer and running for everything to work as expected.

Choosing to add a new machine first brings up a small prompt to choose the make and model you own. The list is pretty impressive, and most machines are also fitted with more instructions which include code to be inserted into the target machine and how to successfully establish the connection.

Connection, transfer, and logging details

However, you’re not entirely done, because once a machine is selected, related options need to be configured. This ranges from serial port connection type, to file format, delays, and manual mode. Buffer size, data bits, and other technical standards are usually filled in with default values, but you can change them accordingly.

Multiple machines can be connected to the same computer at a time. These are all shown in the main window list, with the possibility to save the configuration file to save you some effort later on. Transferred data can be viewed for any of the connected machines, which can be copied to clipboard. You can choose to receive and transmit custom data packets, or even activate as server for remote management.

In conclusion

To sum up, DNC Precision comes with an impressive variety of controls with which to connect to various types of Numerical Control machines to handle data transfer sessions. It supports multiple types of machines, with the possibility to connect more at a time. Instructions are neatly delivered to safely establish the connection with each machine type.

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