A simple and intuitive application that allows you to add or edit the description of any file or folder on your computer, with minimal effort.

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dmFileNote Description

dmFileNote is a very easy to understand piece of software that was developed to provide you with a straightforward method of assigning descriptions to all your files and folders, in just a few swift moves of your mouse.

Clear-cut and accessible looks

The application displays a simple and practical user interface, its main window allowing you to browse through your system in the search of the files or directories you want to work with.

Also, dmFileNote integrates into your Windows context menu, enabling you to add an item’s description just by right-clicking it, to save you time. This feature, however, can easily be disabled, from the ‘Options’ section of the program.

Swiftly add comments or descriptions to your files

To get things started, you need to locate the file or folder whose description you want to add, either by browsing through your system by means of the built-in explorer or by selecting the corresponding option for the shell menu.

While you can process multiple objects, you have to do it separately, as dmFileNote will open individual working windows for each one. You can pick the font and size of the text, then input it manually or from clipboard, supporting up to 30 thousand characters.

Optionally, every time you add a description to one of your documents or directories, dmFileNote can create an index file, listing the items you worked on, in TXT format; this is aimed at being used for FTP clients and other such tools.

A handy tool for adding descriptions to documents

To conclude, dmFileNote is a useful and effective utility whose main function resides in helping you add rich descriptions to all your files and folders, preserving them even when these get transferred to other locations.

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