A lightweight application designed to search and identify duplicate files that are stored in different directories on your computer.

  • dlFindDuplicates
  • Version :0.3 – 2014-08-26 – rev e03347e94131 Beta
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jos De Laender

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dlFindDuplicates Description

dlFindDuplicates is an easy to use application that can help you identify and process duplicate files stored in different folders on your computer. The software can locate file duplicates in the selected folders by comparing the hashes and determining if they are a perfect match or not.

Tedious job, simple solution

When duplicate files are stored in other folders than the original, it is difficult to tell if they are indeed identical or not, unless you compare them. One simple way to process the comparison is to match the files’ hash codes and determine if they are identical or not. This is the algorithm that dlFindDuplicates relies on in order to help you find file clones.

First of all, the software compares the file lengths, then the hashes, calculated according to the MD5 method. The software allows you to select the folders in which to perform the search, then displays the results in the main area of its window. The duplicate pairs are highlighted, in order to easily differentiate them.

Two ways of file processing

dlFindDuplicates allows you to run the search exclusively in the specified folders, and it supports file selection via a Lua-based scripting interface. When using the scripting selection function you may specify the criteria of the search. Thus, you may select the files that contain the word ‘Build’, the newest or the oldest documents.

The Lua-based selection allows you to choose files by the time of creation, location, size or a combination of these parameters. Once all the desired files are selected, you may process them in one of three ways: delete the duplicates, move them to a specified location or convert the selected documents to a hardlink.

Simple way to find duplicates, easy way to process them

dlFindDuplicates allows you to identify matching files in a short time, then choose the unnecessary ones with one mouse click. The software is designed to help you find duplicates, so you may delete them and clear computer space, convert them to hardlinks or relocate to a desired location.

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