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Create and manage playlists with your favorite songs and audio files, just like a real DJ would using this simple and intuitive application.

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DJ Jukebox Description

Managing your music collection, especially your digital one is a pretty hard, yet enjoyable task. You need to create album playlists with each corresponding artist, then rate your songs.

Most media players allow you to do that, DJ Jukebox being a convenient tool that can help you create detailed playlists with your songs. In order to actually play any song, the program needs a media player installed on your computer.

Fast playlist creator

The application helps you create playlists with all your favorite songs. Each song can be rated, in order to sort out your favorite ones. Furthermore, each song tag can be edited, so that you can add extensive information about each audio file.

You can set the default media player used to listen to your song playlist, instead of being prompted for one each time you try to listen to a playlist. If you feel like you need to load all songs of an artist, you can generate a playlist that contains songs only from that specific singer.

Remote playlist manager

A handy feature of DJ Jukebox is the remote jukebox option. You can use the application remotely on a server, a very useful attribute for radio station managers, because one user can manage multiple playlists with ease.

Certain keystrokes can be created, as they will be sent to the server, allowing you to easily control any remote media player.

Additionally, you do not even have to check your remote server every time you start the application, as it can be set to automatically remote connect at startup and begin listening for commands.

A powerful playlist editor

DJ Jukebox is a reliable playlist creator and manager, encompassing song rating and sorting with remote server connections and commands. You can use it to easily manage your music collection or play certain songs remotely.

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