Disney Art of Coloring

Color your favorite scene from various Disney movies by turning to this application that lets you choose from a wide variety of canvases and colors.

  • Disney Art of Coloring
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Disney

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Disney Art of Coloring Description

If you are nostalgic about your childhood years, when you used to have coloring books, you can revive those memories without having an actual coloring book by turning to specialized software.

Disney Art of Coloring is an application that simulates a coloring book and lets you set your imagination free by providing you with various colors and color types.

Easy to deploy

This program can be easily installed on the target computer, as it does not require any extensive computer knowledge or performing complicated configuration steps.

The only necessary actions are navigating to the Windows Store app and hitting the Install button, as the rest of the setup process unfolds automatically, without further notice. However, its large size might make the setup process take longer, depending on your network connection.

Music loops during runtime

Disney Art of Coloring comes with a simplistic user interface that can be easily understood and operated by novices and children alike. It features a few intuitive functions and lacks standard configuration menus, windows or panes.

Music is also while the application’s window is active. However, there is a single track available that loops through the entire coloring experience. On top of that, there is no way of turning it off, which can get annoying at a certain point.

Color various Disney scenes

This program provides you with a series of scenes from various Disney movies and lets you color them. Selecting a scene can be done by choosing a category from the top toolbar and clicking the desired item. You can color by simply choosing a color from the palette and clicking the area you want to be filled.

However, additional controls only include undoing or redoing your steps. There is no way of clearing the whole picture of its colors. After you are satisfied with the result, you can save the image on your PC or share it with your friends.

Coloring book with background music

All in all, Disney Art of Coloring is a virtual coloring book that lets you color various Disney scenes and enjoy background music, as well. It comes with a simple user interface, can be operated even by children or novices and requires no additional configuration.

On the downside, its large size might make the setup process take a long time and the music looping can be annoying to some users.

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