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The only way to prevent fragmentation before it happens.

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Diskeeper Home Edition Description

Diskeeper Home Edition is a very resourceful program that can perform a defrag task on your hard drive, as well as prevent defragmentation from occurring.

The interface of the tool can seem a little cluttered at the beginning but it’s actually very easy to get around Diskeeper Home Edition.

You can start by simply analyzing a volume on your system (toggle between the file performance and file structure map view, save or print the job report).

So, you can perform a manual defragmentation (quick but not very thorough), automatic defragmentation (slow but thorough) or boot-time defragmentation (on files that cannot be safely moved while Windows is running).

IntelliWrite is a personal feature of Diskeeper Home Edition that can prevent fragmentation on a particular volume. But you can also initiate a “SSD Volumes” task.

In addition, you can view information in the dashboard (e.g. fragmentation prevented by IntelliWrite and eliminated by Instant Defrag, disk accesses saved), log file (e.g. fragments handled, prevented and eliminated) and history file (e.g. total file fragments eliminated).

The program uses a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, includes a complete help file with snapshots and can take a very long while to complete a defrag task (according to the options you have configured).

However, Diskeeper Home Edition is very thorough. Although it has advanced settings, even novices can learn how to use it. We strongly recommend this tool.

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