DiskBoss Ultimate

A powerful program that features a comprehensive file search function and allows you to batch change file attributes or locate duplicate documents.

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DiskBoss Ultimate Description

DiskBoss Ultimate is a professional software application built specifically for helping you analyze disks, directories, and network shares, organize your files and folders, perform advanced search operations and delete duplicate items, as well as carry out automated file management operations based on user-defined rules and policies.

The tool is also able to synchronize disks, directories, and network shares, carry out secure data wiping tasks in a batch mode, as well as identify unauthorized changes in your files and folders.

Straightforward looks

Although it comes packed with a bunch of dedicated parameters for helping you accomplish a wide range of file management operations, you are welcomed by a well-organized set of functions that enables power users to easily get an idea about how to work with this app.

Disk space utilization

DiskBoss Ultimate boasts advanced disk space utilization capabilities that allow you to scan one or more local disks, network shares, or NAS storage devices, and detect the directories and items that eat up a significant amount of disk space.

Data can be sorted by various criteria (e.g. file extension, size, last access time, used disk space), and you can generate different charts and export reports to HTML, XML, CSV or other file format, or save the information into an SQL database.

What’s more, you are allowed to copy, move, or delete the files and directories revealed in the disk space analysis results, as well as trigger disk space analysis operations based on one or more user-specified rules (e.g. detect files with a specific size or created during a specific time period).

File classification and duplicate detection options

The tool comprises several parameters for helping you scan disk, network shares, or other NAS storage device, classify files by category, extension, user name, file size, or other criteria, generate various types of charts, and export data to HTML, XML, or CSV file format.

DiskBoss Ultimate is able to identify duplicate files and allows to you to delete, move, or replace the duplicate items. As it would be expected from such a powerful tool, filters are also supported for categorizing the results.

Secure data deletion operations and other powerful tools

You can permanently delete sensitive information from your computer with the aid of several algorithms (e.g. single-pass or DOD 5220.22-M), and schedule periodic file deletion processes or automatically trigger the wiping task with the aid of user-defined rules.

Speaking of rule-based operations, you can make the utility copy, move, delete, compress, or perform other actions using certain policies, such as file name, extension, size, attributes, and others.

Other notable characteristics worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to carry out high-speed file synchronization tasks, copy files including access control lists (ACLs), security attributes, ownership information, timestamps and file attributes, detect file creations, modifications, attribute changes and deletions in real-time, save digital signatures of critical system files and then periodically monitor the integrity of these items, as well as use command-line parameters.

A top product on the market

All in all, DiskBoss Ultimate offers a powerful package for helping you automate your file management operations. It is suitable especially for professionals, as it bundles a plethora of configuration settings.

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