Disk Sorter Pro

Feature-rich and fast file classification utility allowing you to sort files according to various criteria (e.g. size, access date), with support for charts.

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Disk Sorter Pro Description

Disk Sorter Pro is a professional utility developed to aid users in sorting files originating in disks, folders, shared locations over the network, and NAS storage devices.

The installation procedure takes little time to finish and does not require special input from the user. Once it is done, you can select the initial configuration at program startup: process system files, directory links and junctions, as well as process and show files’ user names.

It is possible to create as many profiles as necessary to include disks and directories for classification. There are many plugins put at users’ disposal, such as hidden movies and video files, simple file classification, or access date sorting.

Item details include category type, total containing files and space (size and percent), together with total files and space, process time, performance and number of errors.

Disk Sorter Pro lets you copy or move items to another location, compress them to reduce size occupied on disk, as well as save the report and use it at a later time when comparing it with a newer one. Charts representing analysis results are available for display.

As far as program settings are concerned, you can enable and disable options (e.g. Windows shell extension, process system files, detect recursive directories), remap keyboard shortcuts, use proxies, and edit settings for report files and database, file categories, and compressed reports (e.g. save uncompressed HTML, text, CSV and XML report files).

The application is low-demanding when it comes to CPU and RAM, has a good response and quickly performs an analysis. No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and Disk Sorter Pro did not hang or crash.

There are three other editions available, to suit all preferences: Disk Sorter is free but contains less features, Disk Sorter Ultimate is the most comprehensive file classification utility between these three, while Disk Sorter Server is server-based.

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