Disk Savvy

A fast and reliable disk space analysis utility that comes with intuitive functions which you can use to generate great looking reports.

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Disk Savvy Description

Disk Savvy is a well designed and engineered utility which enables you to perform a detailed analysis on local and network attached storage drives.

After an analysis, the application offers you accurate information regarding the number of files and the amount of space they take up. The application allows you to run a total or isolated scan and if needed, can categorize the files by extension, size, creation time, modification date and type.

Apart from other similar applications, Disk Savvy enables you to create custom profiles which you can use to run personalized scans. Each profile can be edited at any time in case you need to add or remove folders from the analysis and create rules. Moreover, you can have the application take various actions for each scanned directory that has a certain volume of data. When a specified case is met, Disk Savvy can generate and save TXT, CSV, XML, HTML and PDF reports to locations on your hard drive.

Disk Savvy provides the means to create great looking and practical charts that you can apply to your reports. They can be in pie or bar form and can display data by disk space usage or number of files per directory. The charts can then be either printed or copied to Clipboard and from there inserted into any application or text editor that supports images. As far as reports go, Disk Savvy doesn’t disappoint. If anything, it surprises you with how thorough and comprehensive the gathered records are.

Besides being practical, Disk Savvy also focuses on efficiency. In this sense after it is installed, it adds an entry to the Windows context menu that allows you to quickly perform an analysis of any selected folder.

In closing, Disk Savvy is truly a disk analysis tool that can guarantee fast, accurate and efficient analysis for any storage space that is visible and accessible from your computer.

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