Disk Savvy Server

Server-based and easy-to-use application which enables you to scan the hard drive, in order to find out which files occupy the most space.

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Disk Savvy Server Description

Disk Savvy Server is a powerful and server-based tool which helps you analyze the entire contents of your HDD, so as to apprehend which items occupy the most space.

The surprise-free installation process brings you to an interface which boasts a straightforward and minimal design. It is comprised of a menu bar, several shortcut buttons and a panel to display commands.

You can analyze a specified directory or network share, all PC hard disks, servers and NAS devices, and all severs on the network. Aside from that, you can configure some scan options. To be more precise, you can count disk space by exact file size or actual size on drive, sort results according to file count or disk space, choose performance mode and exclude particular folders.

This software program integrates a scheduler, which enables you to execute commands sequentially or in parallel at a user-defined period of time, or on a particular day of the week.

The complete analysis will be displayed in a new window, with items placed in a list along with details such as name, number of containing files, size (expressed in GB, MB, KB or as percentages). Moreover, it is possible to view results as pie or bar charts, and copy these pictures to the Clipboard. The analysis report can be saved to a custom location on the HDD in a HTML, TXT, CSV, XML, PDF or SQL format.

You can also perform file management actions, such as copying, moving or deleting folders, so as to create more space, as well as backup and restore configurations, and access the well-organized Help contents.

Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say Disk Savvy Server is a useful piece of software which helps you get rid of the clutter on your computer. You should also know there are other versions out there to tinker with: Disk Savvy, Disk Savvy Ultimate, Disk Savvy Pro.

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