Disk Pulse

Disk and directory activity monitoring tool, with support for multiple profiles, exclusion lists, charts, filter and sort options.

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Disk Pulse Description

Disk Pulse is an intuitive piece of software developed for monitoring changes in directories or entire disks. It supports multiple profiles and exclusion lists.

This application comes in handy whenever you want to monitor the activity of other users on your computer, to find out what your web-based tools are actually downloading silently, or to even monitor program installation files and identify leftover items after uninstall.

The user-friendly interface is represented by a standard window with multiple toolbar buttons, where you can create a new profile by including directories and selecting the type of files and folders to monitor (created, modified, renamed, deleted).

In addition, you can filter monitored events (e.g. file name, size, security or attribute changes), create a directory exclusion list, build reports, as well as specify the total number of changes to keep in the system.

Modifications are sorted by extension, change type, user name, file size or type. You can open a file or its location in Windows Explorer, exclude changes by extension or location on selected items, view file properties (e.g. owner, attributes, maximum depth, total size), as well as check out a pie chart or bars chart with the total changed files or disk space per extension (the image can be printed or copied to the Clipboard).

Furthermore, it is possible to enable sound notifications, consult a console for errors or other messages, export the configuration for future projects, ask Disk Pulse to remove duplicate file system changes, reconfigure hotkeys, as well as use proxies.

The professional edition of the application provides additional features, such as a report builder, email notifications, and rules for monitoring files matching specific criteria.

Disk Pulse is surprisingly light on the system resources. It has an excellent response time and works smoothly, without hanging, crashing or popping up error dialogs. All in all, Disk Pulse comes bundled with intuitive, yet advanced options for mentoring disks and directories, and it should please all users.

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