Disk Checker and Cleaner

Learn more about the available free storage space you have on your hard disk and check for integrity violations using this software solution.

  • Disk Checker and Cleaner
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Manu Shukla

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Disk Checker and Cleaner Description

While junk and temporary files should be removed as soon as you uninstall an application on your computer, in reality some of them remain stored in the system. Unfortunately, when such files accumulate in large numbers, there is a fair chance that they hinder the overall performance of your PC.

Disk Checker and Cleaner is a tiny program that allows you to learn more about the files stored on your hard drive, so you can take the necessary actions to unclutter the system and improve your computer’s responsiveness.

Minimal interface and automated functionality

First off, you should know that there is a chance that the application requires you install the ntvdm.exe, depending on the version of Windows you are using. While it is true that the process is known to cause various issues, in this case it is required to run the application properly. Moreover, you should know that you need to open the application as administrator to perform a disk scan.

The program comes with a console-like interface that reminds of Windows’s CommandLine. Then again, you do not have to enter specific commands to perform a disk check or clean the HDD of unwanted junk files, so it is more user-friendly from this point of view.

Performs a thorough analysis of your hard disk

It is worth mentioning that the application performs a thorough examination of the hard disk, similar to the one Windows does automatically after a power outage, for instance. However, you will be glad to know that the app does this a lot faster and more minutely.

To put it simply, it starts by verifying the file system structure to determine the disk space, indexes along with the free storage space available. Afterwards, it examines the file name linkage and the security descriptions to make sure they are not corrupted. Lastly, it performs the thorough system scan and corrects all potential issues that affect the computer’s performance.

A simple tool for performing an HDD checkup

All in all, Disk Checker and Cleaner is a simple utility that allows you to check your hard disk for errors and address them without too much hassle.

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