Directory File List

Create lists of files from a given location on your computer and save it as a CSV, TXT or TSV document by turning to this program.

  • Directory File List
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Directory File List Description

If your work involves handling numerous files from your computer, you probably need a quick, efficient way to generate a list containing certain documents’ location along with additional details about them.

Directory File List is one of the applications that can generate the list mentioned above with minimum efforts.

No setup required

This program does not require you to install it on your computer, as simply decompressing the contents of its archive and launching the executable lets you benefit from its capabilities entirely.

More so, it is possible that you can run it from removable media such as external HDDs or USB flash drives as well. It does not tamper with any of your Windows registry entries, nor does it create additional files or folders on your computer without your explicit permission.

Simplistic interface

Directory File List comes with a minimalistic user interface that packs a few functions, which can be easily understood and operated by a broad range of users, regardless of their previous experience with similar software or PC skills.

It also packs a standard configuration menu, where you can adjust some of its settings and tweak the application so that it fits your preferences better. Accessing it can be done by clicking the Option button in the main window.

Generate lists of documents on your PC

This program enables you to create lists of documents on your computer simply and with minimum efforts. You only have to specify a target directory on your PC and an output folder for the list to be saved in.

If you disable the Simple List setting in the Options menu, you can decide what attributes will be included in the file list, what delimiter should be used and the extension of the output document. The extensive list of attributes includes name, size, item type, date modified, offline status, owner, date taken or contributing artists. The application can only save the generated list as a TXT, a CSV or a TSV file on your PC.

Lightweight file list generator that supports numerous attributes

All things considered, Directory File List is a lightweight, reliable application that enables you to generate lists of documents on your computer in an effortless manner. It requires no installation, comes with a simplistic user interface, packs intuitive options and features support for an extensive selection of attributes.

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