Digital Publishing Suite ACE Exam Aid

Practice your skills, improve your knowledge and evaluate yourself, in preparation for taking the Adobe Digital Publishing certification exam.

  • Digital Publishing Suite ACE Exam Aid
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Examaids Ltd

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Digital Publishing Suite ACE Exam Aid Description

Digital Publishing Suite ACE Exam Aid is a reliable tool designed to help you practice and prepare yourself for the upcoming Adobe certification exam. Unlike other tests, certification exams include multiple technical terms in questions, which is why the program can help you get accustomed to this structure.

Study and practice for the upcoming exam

Digital Publishing Suite ACE Exam Aid features a double purpose, namely to help you learn, improve your knowledge, as well as to help you get accustomed to the exam structure. The program offers you a series of questions, separated by categories, that you may easily choose from and provide an answer.

Preparation modules

The application features three modules that you can use in preparation for the test: the Study mode, which reveals the correct answer if you select it, the Practice mode – the exam simulator and the Review mode. The latter allows you to view the questions and the correct answer without taking the test.

The exam simulator allows you to take timed sessions and does not reveal the correct answer, except at the end of the test, as it displays your final score. In this module, the program also calculates your average answering time, as well as hints to the final score. You may work with any of these modules, based on your learning preferences.

Question review and score calculator

Digital Publishing Suite ACE Exam Aid allows you to flag difficult questions, then view them on a separate list so that you may persist with them. Moreover, you may easily move to a certain question, or to a different category.

Reliable exam practice software solution

Digital Publishing Suite ACE Exam Aid is simple to use, features a friendly interface and allows you to quickly switch between the practice modes. The tabbed interface enables you to select a different module with a single mouse click. Additionally, you can easily browse through the questions by selecting the desired category.

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