An advanced and efficient piece of software that allows you to digitize highly-accurate aerial photos, maps or printed images, regardless of size.

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Didger Description

Transferring data from physical formats such as documents, brochures, maps or projects to digital ones is one of the recurrent issues with which computer users are faced. Regardless of their chosen field of activity, ensuring data is accurately imported to programs is a crucial task and Didger can be a viable solution for anyone interested in digitizing images.

Digitize aerial photos

Specifically, the application is best employed for aerial or satellite shots of various geographical features, as the built-in coordinate conversion tools can come in handy in such cases. As such, it is especially valuable for geologists, oil and gas professionals, as well as map charters or landscaping specialists.

One can employ the application to digitize contour maps of geographical features, as well as transfer oil and gas wells data to digital format. Other notable uses include the ability to study wildlife dispersion over a designated area and to chart roads or village boundaries.

Can load a wide variety of documents

Source data can be extracted from a wide variety of containers, both common and more ‘exotic’, such as Access databases, DAT files or DXF documents, as well as GIF and BMP images. Once these items are loaded, users can define multiple coordinate points, which serve as reference points for georeferencing analyses.

Various auxiliary tools can be employed to assist professionals in conducting their work, such as the ability to draw custom graphical elements like polygons, symbols, rectangles or circles. More advanced features include image clip and crop operations, as well as coordinate converters and object reordering tools.

A comprehensive tool for digitizing topographical and similar satellite images

Summing up, Didger is a practical tool for anyone working in the field of Geology or landscape designing. It allows its users to load and process various source files, including non-image formats, and generate georeferencing analyses.

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