Diafaan SMS Server – light edition

Turn your 3G modem into a professional two-way SMS gateway that enables you to send, receive and get extensive reports with the messages send via this tool.

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Diafaan SMS Server – light edition Description

Diafaan SMS Server – light edition is an application that enables you to send and receive messages that you can manage employing a gateway that you configure yourself.

Intuitive and straightforward configuration

Following a quick and straightforward installation, you are prompted to configure your gateway. While it may sound like a daunting or complicated task, you will be happy to learn that the program comes with a user-friendly wizard that can guide you through the process.

Therefore, after you specify the type of gateway you prefer – Emulator, Clickatell or GSM Modem – you can fill in the additional parameters required. For instance, if you were to set up a GSM Modem gateway, you need to enter the pin code, host or IP along with the port.

You should know that unlike Diafaan SMS Server – full edition and Diafaan SMS Server – basic edition, the light counterpart can only support one gateway and one connector. Moreover, the app provides you with limited options for the types of connectors or gateways you can configure.

You can access and verify the reports, logs and queues any time

Even though you are not able to create a SMPP gateway or configure a Protocol Connector, you should keep in mind that you can manage messages similarly to the aforementioned programs. To put it simply, you can send and receive long messages, get confirmation reports and write in various languages, including Arabic and Chinese.

Moreover, the tool comes with an extensive reporting function, so you can access logs with the send SMSes, received messages as well as critical reports and errors whenever necessary. Then again, it is worth mentioning that due to the nature of the gateways it works with, you can send and receive 12 SMS messages per minute.

A utility that can help you create your SMS gateway

All in all, Diafaan SMS Server – light edition is a handy tool that can offer you more control over the SMSes that you send and receive via a personalized gateway that you can set up without too much hassle.

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