Device Cleanup Cmd

Effortlessly remove one or more entries from the Windows device tree based on a set of user-defined parameters, with this handy command-line utility.

  • Device Cleanup Cmd
  • Version :0.6.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Uwe Sieber

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Device Cleanup Cmd Description

Any device that is attached to your computer leaves a trace in the form of a Windows Device Manager entry, and removing these manually is not particularly efficient, especially if an exhaustive cleanup is required.

Device Cleanup Cmd is a useful tool that provides you with an easier way to complete this process, as it enables you to filter devices based on several parameters and delete numerous entries at once.

Console-based utility that makes it easy to remove multiple devices

This program is the command-line edition of Device Cleanup Tool, and it is aimed at users who are at least somewhat familiar with the command console. While it offers more or less the same functionality, it may be a better choice it certain scenarios.

While the GUI-based version is more novice-friendly, Device Cleanup Cmd enables you to set up complex filters and remove multiple devices much more quickly, as all you need to do is enter a command that can easily be run from a batch file.

Powerful tool that offers comprehensive documentation

Device Cleanup Cmd comes with an informative manual that includes helpful usage examples and should make it quite simple even for novices to understand how the program works.

You can define which entries should be removed based on their age or device IDs, and wildcards can be used. Additionally, you have the option of creating a System Restore point or running a test to ensure no important devices are deleted.

Straightforward and lightweight device cleaner

As long as you have a bit of experience with the command console, Device Cleanup Cmd is not likely to cause you too many headaches. It is relatively simple to use, and the included documentation does a good job of detailing the supported arguments.

On the whole, this is a great program for users who need to run specific cleanup operations on multiple machines and wish to avoid having to perform the same configurations each time. It enables you to remove numerous unused entries from the device tree based on their IDs and age, and it is also capable of creating a System Restore point automatically.

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