Employ various simple and advanced statistical tools with this application that can generate Weibull graphs and linear regression models.

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Develve Description

Develve is a software designed to assist users in generating simple statistical analyses. The program features multiple standard resources, such as Chi Square tests, one way Anova analyses and linear regression models.

Features a very clean and neatly organized GUI

The program is valuable for anyone interested in Statistics and can be a very helpful visual guide for students and newcomers. It is also able to generate basic analyses, which means it can be effectively employed in studying simple events.

Develve features a surprisingly intuitive and easy to grasp interface. The top part of the main window allows users to insert their data, while other frames control various program functions, such as Box plot displays or various computed values for statistical indices.

Can import data from CSVs

The application allows users to start their new project from scratch and importing data from existing CSVs is also a possibility. If one chooses the former option, DEVELVE program-specific formats can be exported to more familiar CSV documents.

Users have numerous basic and intermediate statistical tools that can be employed in order to lend credence to their analysis. Standard statistical operations such as means, standard deviations and min or max calculations are available to users.

One way Anova tests are supported

Once these have been employed, users can carry out t-tests, variation F-tests, as well as one way Anovas. Correlation tests and regression models can also be computed based on the user-defined data. Output projects are accompanied by the classical histogram, box plot, time graph and correlation charts.

All in all, Develve is a great introductory step into the world of Statistics and can be used as a very good teaching aid.

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