View, download or submit bug reports to various Bugzilla websites by using this desktop client that comes with an intuitive interface.

  • Deskzilla
  • Version :3.2.1 Build 6510.37
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ALM Works Ltd

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Deskzilla Description

If you are in charge of maintaining an application, you are probably aware that bugs are a really difficult issue to deal with.

You can rely on DeskZilla, a desktop client for the Bugzilla service that can help you handle most of the flaws in your program by providing you with numerous community fixes.

Note that, in order to run properly, this application requires Bugzilla Virtual Server and Java Runtime Environment.

Comprehensive user interface

This application comes with a minimalistic design that can provide you with numerous straightforward features for more efficient bug tracking experience.

The first time you run it, you need to select a Bugzilla server from the list and provide it with valid authentication details. You can also browse the entries anonymously, but you are not granted full access. However, you should be aware that, given to its nature, advanced PC skills are required to operate the program to its full potential.

Handy offline mode

After you download a fragment of the bug database, it is possible to work offline, as the application stores the content on your computer and allows you to edit it freely.

Furthermore, you can easily organize the bug submissions by assigning them to custom folders. DeskZilla features drag and drop support, therefore you can handle your content in a more convenient way.

Useful time tracker

This program makes it possible for you to monitor your bug tracking activities by simply hitting a button each time you switch tasks.

In addition, for enhanced bug tracking, this utility provides you with screenshot tools, so you can easily highlight specific issues, add comments and attach them to your entries.

Export to various formats

You can export all bug information to several file types, including CSV, HTML, XML and PDF, if you need hard copies of your work.

In conclusion, DeskZilla can help you track bugs with ease by extending basic Bugzilla functionality, but you might need to meet certain PC skill requirements in order to efficiently use it.

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