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Manage all your Gmail communications with the help of this helpdesk and project management tool that comes in the form of a browser extension.

  • Deskun for Chrome
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Deskun for Chrome Description

What with email being the new standard of communication, taking it to a new level could result in outstanding benefits. However, resorting to a capable but easy-to-handle software utility to assist you in the process is vital.

Deskun for Chrome is one such tool whose purpose is to manage all your Gmail communications, with a series of professional tools being put at your disposal for delegating tasks, working with tickets, outlining priorities, and much more.

Chrome add-on enhancing your Gmail communications

Before anything else, you should know that, just as its name makes it pretty obvious, Deskun is a browser extension aimed at Chrome users. That means installing the add-on should not take more than a couple of seconds, with the next step you need to take being to log into your Gmail account.

At this point, you should already see a series of buttons enabling you to handle your emails in a convenient manner. For instance, you can schedule your messages, with the possibility of indicating an interval after which your email should be sent or simply selecting a date.

Apart from that, email tracking features are integrated so that you keep an eye on your response rates, with the option to mark as unread the emails that got no reply or were not opened.

Helps you manage all your emails and tickets

Message templates can also be employed in your daily tasks so that you save time when getting in touch with your contacts, especially if you are issuing similar replies on a daily basis, as is the case in client service operations.

And since we have touched upon the subject, you should know that creating projects that multiple agents can work on is possible. Considering that, under normal circumstances, overlaps could happen, the browser add-on offers you the chance to lock tickets.

Apart from that assigning tasks to a team, setting deadlines, keeping an eye on your priorities, and resorting to internal notes within a ticket should guarantee a flawless interaction between you and your contacts.

Built with cooperation and productivity in mind

On an ending note, Deskun for Chrome is a reliable and feature-rich browser extension designed to be a handy companion when exchanging messages on Gmail. The application lets you plan when to handle emails and tickets, incorporates mail tracking features, as well as many other goodies focused on productivity and cooperation, all without feeling intrusive.

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