Desktop Movie Player

Play your movies or any other video files, directly on your desktop, by taking advantage of your background space and temporarily removing the wallpaper.

  • Desktop Movie Player
  • Version :2.6
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Falcosoft

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Desktop Movie Player Description

Desktop Movie Player is a small piece of software that helps you set up a movie on the desktop background, so as to allow you access to all the shortcuts and other items there, without needing to minimize the video.

The application does not require installation, thus enabling you to copy it to any location on the hard drive or to a portable device such as a USB flash drive. The latter option lets you to use Desktop Movie Player on any computer that you have access to.

In addition to all that, the tool does not update the Windows registry with new keys, nor the Start menu/screen.

In order to open this software utility, you have to load a video file. It supports a large number of formats, such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, MKV, DPL and ASF.

After this operation is completed, your desktop image is replaced by the movie, and the Desktop Movie Player icon is loaded in the system tray. Right clicking on it brings up a context menu that displays options such as opening the playlist window, changing the movie display from letterbox to stretched or cropped, loading a different video file, as well as showing the playing controls or active filters.

The interface is quite outdated, reminding users of Windows 95 or 98. Aside from this, the program is user-friendly, therefore it can be used by any person, no matter how inexperienced they are.

In conclusion, Desktop Movie Player is a lightweight and handy software application that enables any type of user to open video files on the desktop background. Our tests did not reveal any type of bugs or issues.

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