Quickly find files by names, contents, tags, path, dates, extensions or create complex filters to search for files based on several criteria.

  • DeskRule
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ZABKAT

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DeskRule Description

DeskRule is a comprehensive application that allows you to find files on your computer based on a large array of properties and criteria. The software allows you to use the system properties as searching criteria, whether individually or in combinations. You may also use simple parameters such as names or date modified.

Powerful searching filters

DeskRule allows you to conduct a search for a file, using its powerful tools and creating filters or rules. You may start a query using simple criteria, such as a common, individual parameter (name, date modified, file contents) or an advanced filter.

The program allows you to use parameters such as rating, comments, author, tags or other metadata, in order to find a particular item. DeskRule can query your Windows Search (WDS) index to quickly identify the files you are looking for. Moreover, the program can extend the capabilities of WDS, intervening where the latter cannot find any results.

Search within files or metadata

DeskRule can help you identify a particular item, based on its contents, as well as the metadata attached to it. You may search within folders on the hard disk, in mobile phones, cameras, server locations, archived files or other virtual shell directories.

You may combine various criteria in order to create a complex search rule or use regular expressions and wildcards in order to find accurate results. Advanced searching options allow you to find songs by their tags, pictures based on their GPS coordinates, by comments, by keywords. Moreover, the program offers a preview function, designed for pictures, documents or other supported files.

Saving search rules

DeskRule allows you to create complex search rules and save them, in case you need to conduct the query again. The program offers you the possibility of managing hundreds of system properties, in order to pinpoint the files you are looking for, in a short time. The response is almost instant, based on the size of the searching location and filter complexity.

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