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Take advantage of a number of design-related tools, such as a screen ruler, color schemer and box shadow editor, and complete your projects quicker than ever before.

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Designers Tools Description

Graphic designers rely on a broad range of tools when working on their projects, and valuable time is often wasted switching between these or setting up multiple utilities that are not particularly user-friendly.

Designers Tools is a convenient application that packs several frequently-used design-related tools into a simple, intuitive interface. It is very easy to use and relatively unobtrusive, although it could be improved in certain respects.

Perform measurements, pick colors and design shadows

The application includes a screen ruler that can be resized freely, and you can also change its orientation, background color and transparency, as well as rotate it. Additionally, it supports both the metric and imperial measurement systems.

The color schemer can be used to create hues by altering various parameters, and it also allows you to pick colors from the desktop. When you are finished, you can copy the generated hex color code.

Also provided is a handy box shadow editor that displays a live preview and allows you to export the generated content to PNG and CSS.

Take screenshots, design gradients and create backgrounds

Designers Tools offers a very simple tool that allows you to take a screenshot of your entire desktop. However, it would have been great if more functions were available, such as the ability to capture specific area or window.

The program also enables you to create linear or radial gradients by adding multiple colors and editing their position and orientation, and these can be exported to CSS, SVG, PNG and JPG.

Finally, it is possible to create background patterns for web design that can be exported to PNG, SVG or CSS files.

Features an intuitive interface, but it is not as unobtrusive as we would have liked

The application’s UI features a simple layout, and it is very easy to find and open the tools you need. Unfortunately, though, it is not possible to send the main application to the system tray once one of the tools has been selected.

Also, you cannot access the available tools more quickly with the help of keyboard shortcuts.

Overall, Designers Tools is a nifty application that puts a number of handy tools at your disposal. It is mainly aimed at designers who wish to streamline their work, and it is very easy to use, but it would benefit from a couple of improvements.

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