Dell Media Experience Fix

Patch the existing Dell Media Experience to correct memory leaks and be able to adjust various options such as volume and screen savers.

  • Dell Media Experience Fix
  • Version :2.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Malcolm Stagg

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Dell Media Experience Fix Description

Dell Media Experience is a piece of software that enables you to manage various multimedia programs from one location. While it was launched with bells and whistles, unfortunately Dell laptop users soon discovered that the application comes with several issues that can hinder their overall multimedia experience.

As the name suggests, Dell Media Experience Fix is a patch designed to solve several issues of the utility, including the irritating memory leaks. It is important to note that the fix is not an official patch and does not address all possible issues you are experiencing with the application.

One of the issues that the program can correct is memory leaks that typically occur when you are running the tool in the background, in spite of the fact that you already closed the utility. In addition, the utility allows you to enable the “always on top” option, so that you can watch videos, preview photos and listen to music without having to maximize the window.

You should know that the program also comes with a few extra options that enable you to modify the screen saver option and system volume levels, so that they remain the same when you shut down Dell Media Experience. Therefore, the utility can help you avoid the frustrating situation when you have to configure the sound or display every time.

Lastly, the utility can correct an issue when media automatically opens with Dell Media Experience, in spite of the fact that you have associated it with another program. All in all, the tool can help you adjust or correct numerous nuisances associated with the Dell media app.

System requirements

  • Dell Media Experience 2.0

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