Define Multiple Words At Once Software

Look up word definitions with this intuitive application that allows you to insert and search for multiple items at the same time.

  • Define Multiple Words At Once Software
  • Version :7.00
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sobolsoft

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Define Multiple Words At Once Software Description

Define Multiple Words At Once Software is a lightweight program designed to offer users a viable dictionary.

Very easy to use

This resource is useful for anyone interested in finding the precise meaning of commonly-encountered words. Students and children, in particular, will find the application highly useful!

Essentially, the tool contains only one window. This is where source words are loaded and results are displayed. The light-blue skin is a great choice and, together with the few buttons available, make this software highly enjoyable to use.

Can load one or multiple words

Running the application is very easy: one just needs to enter the desired search string and then the resource automates the task and displays the relevant results. A very nice feature is that words can be loaded from files. Thus, users can create a file containing all the necessary items and then just load it into the program and receive the corresponding definitions.

Define Multiple Words At Once Software is able to load multiple entries and search for their meaning at the same time. This can be achieved either by loading a file, as detailed above, or by manually entering multiple items into the list.

Once the relevant search parameters have been loaded, the tool will start searching for definitions. This is performed for all the words inserted and, once the search is finished, users have the possibility of saving results as either a text or an Excel file.

Integrates with the default Clipboard

Another option available to users is copying the results to the Windows Clipboard. This is a great feature since it allows for easy text transfers to other applications.

To conclude, Define Multiple Words At Once Software is an overall good dictionary, with a very clean interface; however, the pricetag is a bit high for such a program, more-so when considering the multiple free online alternatives.

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