DefenseWall Personal Firewall

The world’s first sandboxing-style personal firewall solution.

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DefenseWall Personal Firewall Description

Even if you are already running a fully-featured antivirus solution on your computer, it is recommendable to also rely on a firewall product, to make sure that no unauthorized network or Internet connections are established to or from your PC. DefenseWall Personal Firewall is one of the many such tools available on the market.

Once you install it on your computer, it will protect it against spyware and adware by analyzing your applications and separating them in two groups, trusted or untrusted.

You only need to add your browsers, email clients, instant messaging clients or peer-to-peer apps to the untrusted list so as to make sure that all malicious components they might download will not be able to do any damage to the PC.

Moreover, if you suspect your computer has been infected, you can simply terminate all untrusted apps and the detected malware gets killed as well. Also, if you change your mind, you can easily modify the rating of any process with a single mouse click.

A special function of DefenseWall Personal Firewall is that it enables you to initiate an online banking session using the browser of your choice (you can even rely on the integrated browser to make payments and complete transactions). You can also make online purchases without worrying that your personal data might be stolen.

Furthermore, you can add an extra layer of protection to your passwords, game accounts or other sensitive data by adding files, folders or registry keys to a dedicated list.

All in all, DefenseWall Personal Firewall can help you protect the integrity of your private data, while also keeping adware, spyware or keyloggers at bay. If you are pleased with its feature-set, you can purchase a license and enjoy its functions beyond the evaluation period.

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