DefenceByte AntiVirus Pro

Keep your computer safe from malware at all times, locate and deal with infections, erase files securely and manage startup programs, with this powerful application.

  • DefenceByte AntiVirus Pro
  • Version :1.5.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DefenceByte

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DefenceByte AntiVirus Pro Description

No one takes the security and privacy of their information lightly, but it is difficult to protect your computer from the multitude of threats you may encounter both online and offline.

DefenceByte AntiVirus Pro is an intuitive application that can help you out, as it includes a real-time scanning module designed to block infections before they can take over your PC, and can also scan your e-mails and help you manage your private data.

Real-time scanning engine that keeps threats at bay

It is essential to stop infections in their tracks as quickly as possible, and DefenceByte AntiVirus Pro allows you to do that. It scans your computer continuously and notifies you whenever a dangerous file has been blocked and quarantined.

The engine can be configured to only monitor certain types of files, and you can add new extensions that are not included in the program’s database.

Easy-to-use security application that can clean infections

By default, you can choose between a quick and a deep scanning operation, depending on how thorough you want DefenceByte AntiVirus Pro to be. However, you can also configure and run custom scans.

Moreover, you can have the application perform scans at certain intervals to make sure you are protected at all times.

Manage startup items and delete private data

Processes that are launched automatically when you boot up your PC can slow down your system. DefenceByte AntiVirus Pro provides you with a simple method of removing unnecessary startup items, thus speeding up your computer.

Furthermore, the program can help you clear your search and browsing histories, as well as delete temporary files created by various applications.

Lastly, it can add an “Erase Files” option to the File Explorer context menu that, when selected, deletes items and makes them impossible to recover.

Overall, DefenceByte AntiVirus Pro is a reliable security tool that can protect you against malware, clear existing infections and help you manage your private data. It is relatively user-friendly and features a streamlined, if somewhat outdated interface.

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