Translate text from multiple languages into braille, then print or emboss it using specialized devices, with this handy application.

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DBT Description

If you are looking for a comprehensive application that can help you translate text from a wide array of languages into braille, then print or emboss it using specially designed printers, you may want to try DBT.

It is a complex but intuitive tool, designed to help you perform complex translations from numerous languages, including intermediate levels, then create documents or textbooks using braille embossers.

Import content from various sources

DBT enables you to insert text from numerous document formats, including Formatted Braille Files (BRF), Word and WordPerfect documents. You can also add pictures from Braille Graphics files (BPX, BRG, SIG and VIM).

Once you have imported the text that needs to be translated, you can perform various text editing operations. The application includes a powerful spell check function, with a comprehensive built-in dictionary.

Translate text to braille

After you have finished editing and formatting the inserted text, it is ready to be translated. DBT offers numerous templates, not just for each language, but for multiple language levels and variations.

Each individual template produces a different form of braille and it is possible to generate contracted and uncontracted forms, depending on whether or not abbreviations are used.

Print the translated text or send it to a braille embosser

DBT supports various models or braille embossers and it is possible to print a ‘banner’ on the first page, allowing people who do not read braille to identify the document.

Additionally, you can use interline printing, to have ink-braille and text printed on the same page. This function can be very useful for teaching purposes.

All in all, this is a powerful tool that can help you translate text from a wide variety of languages to the braille writing system. It offers a large amount of language templates, supports numerous braille embossers and features a built-in interline printing function.

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