dbForge Data Generator for MySQL

Generate test data for your MySQL database with this practical application that can also import instructions from SQL script files and is compatible with HTTP tunnel operations.

  • dbForge Data Generator for MySQL
  • Version:1.7.12
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Devart

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dbForge Data Generator for MySQL Description

MySQL servers are deployed today to house a wide variety of data, due both to their increased protection against data corruption, as well as good accessibility parameters. Users of such servers can employ numerous tools to query and test their databases and dbForge Data Generator for MySQL is just one such application.

Employ more than 100 information generators to test MySQL containers

The program can be used to populate servers with a wide variety of data, based on more than 100 predefined information generators. These automated scripts can load servers with a diverse selection of data, both meaningful and nonsensical.

All in all, the database utility comes with eight categories of information generators, including ‘business’, ‘health’, ‘location’ and ‘payment’ themed options. Specifically, the application can generate ‘clothing size’ text strings, ‘phone numbers’, ‘nicknames’, ‘SWIFT’ codes, as well as ‘regular expressions’.

Can also load SQL script files

This broad range of values ensures the application can be employed by professionals seeking to deploy their servers in any commercial environment. One of the great features of the program is the support for user-defined SQL script files. Thus, users have complete freedom over the algorithms used to populate MySQL servers.

The tool is straightforward and quite easy to employ, as testing servers involves only that users connect to the target database and select which instructions the utility is to process in order to import data into the server. Selective data entry operations are possible and depending on the complexity and sheer size of the database, tasks can take several minutes to complete.

An asset for quickly populating servers with test data

Summing up, dbForge Data Generator for MySQL is a practical utility for anyone seeking to test his MySQL server. The program can be used to quickly generate meaningful text strings in target databases and the range of output data ensures the utility can be adequately employed by users activating in any business domain.

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