DB Query Analyzer

Quickly resolve queries in the selected database, with this tool which provides you with the means to connect to the server and author SQL scripts.

  • DB Query Analyzer
  • Version:7.024
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:UnitedPowerSoft

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DB Query Analyzer Description

DB Query Analyzer is a reliable tool that allows you to connect to a database and perform high-quality queries in a short time.

This Universal Data Access (UDA) type of utility is a suitable solution due to its accessibility, friendly user interface, powerful query functions and compatibility with databases systems.

DB Query Analyzer allows you to connect to the desired database or server via the ODBC Data Source driver that you need to configure in advance.

The program is highly compatible with various relational database management systems (RDBMS), such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 or SAP.

The program enables you to easily query the ODBC Data Source that you connected to, as well as author scripts and customize the query algorithm.

DB Query Analyzer can return the query results in a grid format, as plain text or in a specific type of file.

It can also retrieve the desired ODBC driver information and perform several SQL scripts at the same time. The program can also execute several custom stored procedures simultaneously with predefined scripts.

The tool features several functions designed to help you in script editing, the basic text modification commands: cut, copy, paste, select all.

You can also search for keywords and replace several entries with one command. DB Query Analyzer also supports multi-level undo and redo.

You may run/stop the selected query at any time, by selecting the options in the Query menu, or the shortcuts in the toolbar.

The program features a transaction manager function and allows you to display the selected data segments. Moreover, you can create a schedule for executing a certain SQL script at the specified date/time.

DB Query Analyzer also allows you to quickly modify the ODBC driver settings by opening the Data Source Manager with one mouse click, from the Tools menu.

System requirements

  • Configured ODBC driver and database

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