DataNumen File Splitter

Split and join large files, compare any two files to find out if they’re identical, and calculate checksums using this intuitive tool.

  • DataNumen File Splitter
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DataNumen Inc

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DataNumen File Splitter Description

DataNumen File Splitter is a handy and easy to work with piece of software aimed to help you transfer large files more swiftly, be it by uploading and downloading them from the web or on memory devices.

Basic yet practical looks

Appearance-wise, the application is not particularly impressive or attractive, but its minimalistic GUI gets the job done without risking to confuse novices with overly-complex elements.

The main window of DataNumen File Splitter groups all of the functions that it provides, being able not only to divide items, but also to ‘Join’, ‘Compare’ or calculate their ‘Checksum’ in MD5 hash.

Divide and merge files, compare them byte by byte or check their MD5 hash

With the help of the ‘Splitter’ component, you can break apart large files into size-based parts. You can decide the maximum dimension of each fragment by inputting the value and selecting the unit: KBytes, MBytes, GBytes, from a dedicated menu.

It outputs the result to a preferred destination directory with just a click on the ‘Start Split’ button. Alternately, you can use the utility to ‘Join’ the multiple parts of a file into a whole item, simply by loading the elements that used to make it up and defining an output location.

At the same time, you can use the ‘Compare’ tool to determine if two files are identical or not. The result it not displayed for you to analyze however, a popup window informing you whether they are different or not. This can be used to learn if modifications have been made on an object.

For the same purpose of determining the integrity of a file you can use the ‘Checksum’ calculator, which finds out the MD5 hash value of the document, enabling you to see if it matches the string you knew it was supposed to have.

A lightweight file management tool

To summarize, DataNumen File Splitter proves to be a useful and intuitive program which enables you to make your larger files easier to transfer, while also allowing you to verify that they have not been tampered with.

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