Create web access to your database, generate online graphs and reports using live data, with this comprehensive piece of software.

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Dataceptor Description

If you are looking for a way of providing online access your database, to display various types of information on customizable web pages, you may benefit from using Dataceptor.

It is a powerful application, designed to allow you to offer online access to various types of databases and read data using a wide array of devices. If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your system, you can also generate and view forms and graphical data charts.

Create web pages that display database information

Dataceptor can easily extract information from ODBC compliant databases and display the data online.

You can create customized menus and forms, as well as generate various types of lists, graphs and charts. The application offers numerous chart templates, including column, horizontal bars, line, pie and trend line.

Additionally, you can limit user access to certain menus or forms. This allows you, for example, to create portals that display different levels of information to customers or administrators. Accounts can be password-protected and organized into user groups.

Because the created website can be opened with an Internet browser, it is possible to access the information from a wide array of devices.

Supports numerous database types

Dataceptor can work with multiple database systems, provided they support reading through ODBC. These include Navision, Dynamics, Axapta, Sage, C5, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access and many others.

Lacks adequate documentation

The application offers a wide array of functions, intended to help you present data from a database online or on an internal network. It is designed to be intuitive and allow inexperienced users, who lack programming knowledge, to create web pages. However, it offers almost no documentation, making it somewhat difficult to use.

Overall, Dataceptor is a comprehensive tool that can help you offer online access to a database of your choice. It includes numerous features, but only offers basic documentation, limiting its usability.

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