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Catalog all your movies, images, software,containers, books, audio CDs, music albums, media files and manage them from a single place.

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Data Crow Description

Managing and organizing all your collectables is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have the right tools at hand. Data Crow can give you a helping hand in this matter, providing you with a comprehensive, yet advanced cataloging utility that can keep track of all the items.

This application is capable of handling huge collections of movies, software, images, containers, books, audio CDs, music albums, media files and more. Furthermore, it enables you to create your own categories, music genres, languages and include all sorts of items in the database.

Data Crow relies on a structured organization system that can group entries by various criteria, thus providing a quick way to find the one you need. Its filtering capabilities (users can create their own filters and sorting methods) add to its value, since manual search can be time-consuming.

The most difficult part is adding all the items to the catalog, but the built-in wizard can make this task easier by guiding you through all the necessary steps. The online data retrieval system enables you to import data regarding a movie, a book etc.. Alternatively, you can enter all the information manually, from title and description, year, rating to technical data and associated images.

There are multiple guiding wizards that enable you to create, copy, alter, relate, import or delete a module, as well as various tools to help you with your work. You can perform online searches, batch update music albums or all the entries with a single operation, re-write titles or rename multiple music tracks. Additionally, reports and charts can be generated to get an overview on the structure of your collections.

All the options and features of Data Crow might be overwhelming to inexperienced users and therefore, a ‘beginner’ mode is also available, displaying only the basic functions.

The advanced customization options and the integrated loan manager are proof that Data Crow is a complete cataloging system.

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