A simple to use software solution that makes it possible for you to store a large number of files into a password protected database.

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DATA BANK Description

DATA BANK is a software solution aimed at those who are looking for a simple and straightforward means of storing, managing and protecting their private files. With it, you are able to lock under a password videos, photos, audio recordings and personal documents.

Comprehensive interface

DATA BANK displays a user-friendly interface which makes it approachable by just about anyone, regardless of their experience with computers. Right from the first launch, the application presents you with a dashboard from where you can import or export files, lock them in the database or open the file manager.

Everything is easy to make out and is well organized inside the main window. When you create a new database you get separate sections for the media player, photo viewer, PDF reader and office file browser which makes it simple to locate and access the files you are looking for.

Support for single file import and in batch

With DATA BANK, you are able to load any file from your computer, regardless of its format, as well as entire folders in one go. A good feature that the application incorporates is an auto-sort function that organizes the files into their appropriate categories as they are imported into the database.

Also important to mention is that you can load any file into DATA BANK but not all can be viewed from inside the application as it does not offer complete file format support.

Open video, image and audio formats

DATA BANK enables you to open and view or listen to a wide range of the files you load into the database. You can watch short clips or entire movies, view holiday photos and listen to your favorite music in a very simple manner.

Moreover, it also enables you to load PDF documents and other eLibrary formats, making it a reliable platform on which you can study or store your important projects.

A practical file storage application

To sum things up, DATA BANK is a nice tool to have on your computer if you want to keep all kinds of file formats in one place and secure them using a custom password.

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