Darcy Ripper

Create archives of your favorite site with this powerful utility that downloads entire websites and allows you to define and use proxies.

  • Darcy Ripper
  • Version :1.2.3
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Narrowteq

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Darcy Ripper Description

Darcy Ripper is meant to aid users in transferring whole sites. The program can be configured to ignore dead links and use parallel downloads.

Complete control over the entire process

One of the great things about this utility is multitasking. If configured properly, entire sites can be saved to disk in just a few minutes.

This can be achieved in several ways. First, users can specify the number of parallel downloads. This is a great way of limiting the strain on the bandwidth!

Another interesting feature is controlling the number of connections and retry attempts. The latter option can be especially useful for sites that have considerable down-time.

Finally, a “Bandwidth limit” (self-explanatory) function exists. Taken together, these allow a very high degree of user-customization.

Plenty of filters to go along with the previous options

And users have yet more freedom in their interaction with the software. File size filters can be applied, which is incredibly useful since some sites can feature large files. These could take up a large amount of disk space and slow down the whole process!

URL prefix (e.g. http://) and hostname filters are also available. This all amounts to having viable ways to keep redundant downloads to a minimum.

The interface is pleasant, with just the right amount of buttons. These feature clear and lively icons, which go great with the rather plain background. Once the crawl has been initiated there is an abundance of information, well organized into tabs.

An overall noteworthy application

To conclude, Darcy Ripper is very good at what it’s meant to do. Downloading proceeds seamlessly and the plethora of options allows users to customize many of the core parameters. A great resource for users that regularly browse offline!

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