Dante Firmware Update Manager

Swiftly update your KLANG hardware that come with an Audinate GUI to make sure that your devices are proving the best performance with this tool.

  • Dante Firmware Update Manager
  • Version:
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Audinate Pty Ltd.

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Dante Firmware Update Manager Description

Even though most people find them annoying and disrupting, the truth is that nowadays firmware is as much as a computer as it is an audio or video device. Therefore, updates in this situation usually mean that the manufacturer has made improvements or fixed some issues with the software solutions that run the device.

As the name suggests, Dante Firmware Update Manager is an application that enables you to make sure that all your audio gadgets capable of supporting Dante-modules are up to date and hence, you can enjoy the best performance.

Straightforward setup and minimalistic interface

The installation process is fast, forthright and does not require additional configuration on your part. You should know that the application installs two extra tools along with the update manager, namely Dante Discovery and Dante Control and Monitoring. As you probably guessed, the utilities have the role of automating the process of identifying Dante-enabled audio devices.

The application comes with a simple interface that consists of a single window, so it is unlikely that you can encounter any issues. Unfortunately, the app does not come with any configuration options and hence, what you see is what you get.

Comes with two modules

Upon launch, the program prompts you to select the desired network interface enabled on your computer, a feature that can come in handy if you also have virtual sound cards or similar applications installed on your computer. In case you only have a primary network, then the app selects it automatically.

The application enables you to access two modes, namely Failsafe Recovery and Update Dante Firmware. The recovery function allows you to access modules that have been corrupted and that are usually marked with red in the default network. On a side note, if you run this mode, then you need to wait for a recovery image to be provided by the application.

A simple update tool that can improve performance

All in all, Dante Firmware Update Manager can help you make the most out of your Dante-enabled audio devices as well as restore files that are corrupted due to various reasons.

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