A comprehensive application that displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to create GPS databases for a wide range of uses.

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CyberTracker Description

CyberTracker is a software solution that provides tools for both experienced and new users who want to create and customize data collection applications for their notebooks or mobile devices.

Design your own application

CyberTracker offers you the possibility to make use of a large number of app designs which you can work on and customize to fit your needs. You get to choose from screen templates created for ‘single select’ or ‘multi select’ lists, number keypad, photo and notes.

The lists can contain text, icons or both at the same time, making the data categories as explicit as can be. CyberTracker enables you to add as many screens as you need, as well as customize their various parameters.

Preview how the applications work

CyberTracker makes it possible for you to create data collection apps without the need of any programming skills. It does take you a couple of good minutes to fully understand how everything works and how you connect all the project elements, but once that’s done, you’ll be creating full applications in very short time.

A thing that greatly helps you out with design and assembly is the fact that you are able to preview how the applications works. You are able to click buttons and insert text and you can do this while the project is underway. Also, it’s possible to enlarge the screen for a better view and switch between different mobile platforms that can run the application to be able to perfectly simulate its use.

GPS maps support

Since the applications that you create work with in-site data, it’s only fair that CyberTracker offers support for PDA and GPS navigation in order to be able to check your path in real-time.

CyberTracker allows you to view data in table form, as well as in maps and graphs. This comes really handy since Google Earth maps can be used and you can also load image maps from your computer.

Design and create field data collection applications

With the above to consider and a lot more to discover, it’s a near fact that CyberTracker is a practical and reliable solution if you’re looking to create data collecting apps for PDAs or mobile devices.

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