Learn more information about your operating system as well as the components included in your computer and their functionality via this tool.

  • CWSysinfo
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :A. Horlander

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CWSysinfo Description

CWSysinfo is an application designed to grab a wide variety of information about your computer, from the latest hotfixes and version of the operating system to the CPU’s BIOS frequency and the page file of the local and virtual machines you are operating.

Comes with a user-friendly and clean interface

The application does not require setup and you can unpack the archive in any desired location on your local drives or even a USB stick. While it does not need any configuration, you are required to perform a quick scan of the system so that the app grabs the necessary information about your hardware and software installed on your computer.

On the other hand, it is necessary to mention that the interface is not completely in English and does include several sections in German. Nevertheless, the UI is fairly intuitive and the data neatly displayed, so you should be able to find the data you need, irrespective of your German language expertise.

Provides you with a comprehensive report on your PC

The highlight of the utility stems from the fact that it gives you a complete report regarding the hardware installed. Therefore, you can determine whether it is time to updated the drivers on various components to improve the overall responsiveness and speed of your system.

At the same time, the tool provides you with a detailed analysis of the software solutions you currently have installed on your computer. Not only can you preview the version, developer’s name and location, but also the date it was installed. Consequentially, you can establish whether various applications are due for an update.

You can also find out more about the devices that are connected to your computers, such as the physical and virtual keyboards, mouses, printers, USB ports and other system slots.

A handy system info extraction tool

Regardless of whether you want to update the drivers for your motherboard and CPU or maybe you need to retrieve extra data on software solutions you have recently installed on several computers in the network, CWSysinfo can lend you a hand.

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