A simple program to do curve fitting.

  • CurveFit
  • Version:1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:CurveFit

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CurveFit Description

The curve fitting process allows the creation of a curve that fits a set of data points in the best way possible CurveFit has been designed specifically for this purpose and it is quite a simple program if you are familiar with the concept it is based on.

Based on the user input the application can easily plot the trajectory of the curve and provide the mathematical function.

No install, simple looks

The application works right out of the box and it does not need to be installed. Simply double-click the executable file and the main application window launches immediately.

The interface is minimalist and lacks any bells and whistles as the program has been created only for mathematical computation purposes.

Most of the main screen is occupied by the panel showing the graphical representation of the curve in comparison to the plotted points.

Simple yet versatile options

The user has to provide the necessary values for each of the points and then proceed to adding them to the chart. There is also the possibility to load a file that already contains the values.

Another step is to adjust the polynomial order. A soon as this is done the mathematical formula is automatically displayed on the screen.

Additional functionality allows plotting interpolated spline and editing the chart. As far as the latter option is concerned, users have plenty of customization options, from changing the title and type of the series to making various color adjustments for better visibility of the elements in the chart.


CurveFit resonates to a small segment of users and although it seems too simple a program it shelters a powerful pack of options.

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