CTFileFilter (formerly FileFilter)

An efficient software solution that you can easily use to search for specific content inside raw data files and extract it for your needs.

  • CTFileFilter (formerly FileFilter)
  • Version :1430
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Cheekyted Software

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CTFileFilter (formerly FileFilter) Description

CTFileFilter is an application especially created for those who need to locate specific strings of data that is located within different types of files. With it you are able to extract content from TXT, XML and CSV file formats in a simple manner.

Straightforward interface

CTFileFilter’s GUI seems a bit uneasy to the eye if you’ve never come across a similar tool.

At a first glance, a novice user might just see a large number of boxes to tick for options that don’t make that much sense, whilst the experienced user will spot a number of functions neatly packed and sorted into purpose specific tabs.

Search in large quantities of files

CTFileFilter enables you to locate data in files that take up both kilobytes and gigabytes. You can scan a single file or an entire folder if you need to. The application makes it possible to quickly identify content thanks to its fast search function and can copy all the matching entries to a new folder.

Moreover, this digital tool comes with powerful filtering that you can use to search for a specific criteria of data. This allows you and it to rapidly generate data for log files, code, XML records or any other type of content you need to assemble.

Create macros and reuse them

An application such as this is generally used to extract and manipulate specific types of data. The process can be case specific and require no modifications to the settings, but it can also require large or subtle changes in configuration.

For this reason, CTFileFilter is fitted with a macro recording feature that allows you to create custom procedures for every scenario you encounter, thus saving you valuable time.

A powerful data filtering tool

CTFileFilter is designed to do a single thing but thanks to its comprehensive design and abundance of features and options, it has applicability in a wide spectrum of fields and occupations.

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