Import CSV (TXT) data to your Access database by turning to this lightweight application that features a task scheduler and can manage sessions.

  • CsvToAccess
  • Version : 3.5 Release 1 Build 170715
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Withdata Software

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CsvToAccess Description

If you are in charge of managing a database, you probably understand that without the appropriate set of tools, your tasks would be significantly more difficult.

In the scenario depicted above you can turn to specialized third-party software solutions such as CsvToAccess, which can help you greatly simplify your work.

Minimalistic interface

This program comes with a non-attractive, yet user-friendly interface that packs a handful of intuitive functions, which are neatly organized in standard menus, but are also available as toolbar buttons.

Although its functions are quite accessible, configuring and using this application to its full extent requires you to have at least medium PC skills and a good understanding of database management.

Convert CSV to Access data

You can turn to CsvToAccess if you need to import CSV (TXT) data to your Access database as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to do so, you need to connect to a database by specifying the location of an Access file from your computer or creating a new one and providing the app with valid credentials. The databases that you connect to are saved within the Recent Databases combo menu in the Database Logon window, for easier access.

After you define the database, you can import the desired content by either loading individual files to the application or by importing a folder’s worth of suitable documents, depending on your needs. It supports processing multiple files simultaneously, thus saving you the hassle of handling each document individually.

Can schedule tasks

Aside from letting you import CSV data to Access, this application also enables you to save the current session and resume it later, if needed. Furthermore, from the same session management window, it is possible to create a Command Line executable. More so, this program features support for scheduled tasks, so that you can set certain actions to be executed automatically at certain times.

Handy CSV to Access data import tool

All in all, CsvToAccess is a lightweight application that enables you to convert CSV (TXT) data to Access without significant efforts. It comes with a plain, minimalistic user interface, packs intuitive functions and requires you to have medium to advanced PC skills or previous experience with similar software to operate it as intended.

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