With support for column mapping, this tool enables you to convert financial transactions from CSV, TXT and XLS(X) documents to a QFX format.

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CSV2QFX Description

CSV2QFX is a software application that provides users with a simple means of viewing and converting financial data from a CSV files to a QFX extension.

Clear-cut environment

The installation process is a breezes and is over in a jiffy, yet if you are interested in bypassing it, you should know that a portable edition is also available for download, namely Portable CSV2QFX.

The interface you are greeted by encompasses a pretty minimal layout, as it includes a menu bar, a few buttons and some tabs, so that you can easily access all available options. In addition to that, some extensive Help contents ensure that all types of users can find their way around it with great ease.

Options you can configure

This program enables you to upload a CSV, TXT, XLS or XLSX document only with file browser, as the “drag and drop” function is not supported, while it is also possible to map all the items’ columns and save the configurations for further use. It supports multiple account types, namely checking, savings, credit card and investment, as well as several currencies (e.g. USD VAD, NZD, BRL etc.).

The main window enables you to view the contents of the added item, while it is also possible to change date format and year and input bank ID, account number and branch. You can allow non-numeric checks, generate the reference from date, amount, payee and check, and open the file after save.

Bottom line

In conclusion, CSV2QFX is a pretty efficient piece of software when it comes to converting financial transactions from one format to Intuit’s proprietary version of the standard OFX. The interface is user-friendly, the response time is good and our tests did not reveal any errors, hangs or bugs.

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