Easily create a general journal entry file, by extracting the information from CSV, text documents or Excel spreadsheets, in a few mouse clicks.

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CSV2QBJ Description

CSV2QBJ is a reliable tool that allows you to easily convert CSV files to documents compatible with QuickBooks Journal. The program allows you to perform certain modifications, such as map the columns in the file with the headers in the preview table. Moreover, you can save the mapping structure for managing similar CSV files.

Simple to use file converter

CSV2QBJ is designed to migrate data from comma separated value files, as well as from text documents or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The program can easily import the data from the indicated file, then map the information to the columns in the preview table.

CSV2QBJ allows you to organize the data imported from the source files, in such manner that it can be easily managed in QuickBooks Journal.

The categories you need to map are Date, Entry number, Account Name, Account code, Type, Debit, Credit or Memos. Moreover, it also features indications on whether the data represents an adjustment or if a particular sum is billable.

Issues, source and quick conversion process

CSV2QBJ allows you to map the columns in the CSV/TXT/XLS file, according to the requirements, in case the automatic process does not yield the proper results. Moreover, you can save the mapping settings and use it with similar files, in the future.

The Issues tab indicates the rows that contain incorrect information or lack the required data, while the Source tab displays the imported file with its original text formatting. The Source tab features the table and the raw viewing modes.

Import from clipboard

CSV2QBJ allows you to quickly import the specified files, then convert them with a simple mouse click. Alternatively, you may paste the data contained in the clipboard and use it in the process, as long as it features the proper format. The program can only process one source file at a time and only if the analysis reveals no issues. Moreover, you may not modify the columns from CSV2QBJ.

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