Search for files within your computer with advanced options for filtering the results, customizable restrictions, patterns, and lookup criteria.

  • CSearcher
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Hugo Nabais

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CSearcher Description

File search is a common and daily action for any computer user, and both Windows Explorer and the Start Menu or the Start screen have integrated file search functionality. Nevertheless, if your storage space is large, searching directly in an explorer window might take some time, as the only filters are the file name and its type. CSearcher is one of the alternatives you can go to if you need a simple find finder.

Multiple search criteria

Focusing on speed, CSearcher is a non-indexing application that can help you look for any file on your computer based on several criteria, not just a file’s name and type. In fact, it enables you to configure exact search and exclusion patterns to get the most accurate results and quickly find the file you are looking for.

Name and location filtering is also possible, and there are dedicated fields you have to fill in. Additionally, CSearcher can be configured to also reveal hidden files and folders. For your convenience, you can filter all the duplicate files, either by name or by the MD5 conference.

Broad range of search criteria and options

Aside from the aformentioned criteria, CSearcher can also take into account the date and the time a file was created, last modified or accessed. Moreover, there are size restrictions that allow you to look for files either smaller or larger than a specific size.

Not only that you can filter the search with the criteria mentioned before, but you can also add file content restrictions to log or exclude files that include a specific string.

Once you hit the ‘start’ button, CSearcher displays all the matches within its main window, in a table that includes the original location, the last modification date, the size and the extension. Both the search criteria and the extensions can be saved and loaded anytime needed.

Filter the search results to quickly find a file

With CSearcher, files undergo a selection process that narrows down the search results. CSearcher gives users an advanced file searching tool alternative that features numerous criteria to use. Furthermore, since there is no need for indexing, geting the results should not take too long.

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