CSE HTML Validator Lite

An application that validates your CSS and HTML code syntax to check if it is in accordance with the required Internet standards.

  • CSE HTML Validator Lite
  • Version :16.0501
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AI Internet Solutions

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CSE HTML Validator Lite Description

Although many website designs might look simple on the outside, the most important part goes on behind the scenes, where the code lies.

The HTML and CSS files used to offer websites their appearance must keep track of a wide range of details, such as browser compatibilities and valid web standards.

Validate the syntax of your CSS and HTML documents

CSE HTML Validator Lite is an utility that enables you to check and validate the syntax of your code and make sure it adheres to the latest and strictest web standards out there. The process checks the files for broken links, misspelled words and missing attributes that might have slipped into the syntax unnoticed.

After the validation process is completed, the application displays a list with the detected errors or warnings, detailing the line numbers and the nature of the problems. CSE HTML Validator Lite checks for compatibility issues as well, such as attributes or selectors that do not fare well in certain web browsers.

Create new documents from predefined templates

You can also create CSS and HTML documents from scratch, using some of the available templates delivered with the application, such as HTML 4.01 Frameset, XHTML 1.0 Strict or plain CSS. The created files are mostly empty, since CSE HTML Validator Lite only includes the !DOCTYPE declaration and a few tags for reference.

You can also create and validate HTML5 documents, even though there are still many features that are not supported by the current generation of browsers. It is, however, a good addition for those of you who like to experiment with new technology and explore the limits of the latest markup language.


Keeping a valid website in accordance with the latest web standards should be the goal of any web developer, especially when it comes to offering visitors the most pleasant visual experience. CSE HTML Validator Lite does just that and all from within a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls.

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