Cross Invoice

Manage your business by keeping track of your customers or products, creating invoices, managing signatures and handling payment methods.

  • Cross Invoice
  • Version :1.21
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :CrossInvoice

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Cross Invoice Description

If you are in charge of running a company, you probably understand how third-party applications can help you simplify your work by providing you with a wide variety of functions that might be relevant to your needs.

In the situation mentioned above, Cross Invoice is one of the numerous software solutions that can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results without significant efforts.

Simple user interface

This program comes with a minimalistic, uncomplicated user interface that packs various functions, which are neatly organized so that you can operate them without spending time browsing endless menus.

Although no local form of help configuration is provided to you, its controls are intuitive enough to be accessed with minimum difficulty, even by novices.

Wizard configuration menu

When you first launch Cross Invoice, you are prompted with a configuration wizard that helps you set up your application by tweaking its components so that they better fit your preferences.

Among the adjustable options you can find settings related to the program’s appearance, currency, invoice header text and company logo. Customizing these parameters should be accomplished with ease since the configuration menu is quite intuitive and does not feature complicated controls.

Create invoices and keep track of your customers and merchandise

This program can help you manage your company by enabling you to keep track of both your products and customers’ details, while also letting you generate invoices or offers, depending on the situation.

The main window lets you access lists of offers, invoices, products, customers, payment methods and signatures. Before generating invoices or offers, you need to create a database of products and have customers’ information included in your database, since you cannot fill in the required data on the go.

Any entry that you add to your database can be deleted or edited according to your needs. Additionally, you can print them directly from the application by simply selecting them and hitting the Print button on the top toolbar.

Lightweight invoice creator with product and customer database support

All in all, Cross Invoice is a reliable tool that can help you generate invoices on your computer with ease, while also enabling you to keep track of your products and customers’ details. It packs a user-friendly interface that encompasses intuitive functions, making it highly accessible to many users regardless of their previous experience without sacrificing overall efficiency.

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